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Consolidated Space Tracking and Data Acquisition Department

Business Overview

R&D: Space Debris

  • Space debris refers collectively to space objects which orbit around the earth such as satellites of which operational life is over and parts of launch vehicles.
  • Even a small piece of space debris is orbiting around the earth at a very high speed (3-7 km/s or more). They therefore have a potential power to destroy a satellite when they collide with one. Some of the debris re-enter the earth's atmosphere.
  • STCC is committed to making improvements in space debris analysis capability including collecting their orbit data, developing maneuver plans for JAXA-owned satellites to avoid collisions with them, and conducting re-entry analyses.

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) System


SSAシステムプロジェクトチームロゴ画像SSA System project team logo

As our space activities expand, the number of satellites and space debris orbiting around the Earth continues to grow each year, increasing the risk of collision of space objects near the Earth.
Satellites have become an indispensable part of our daily life, and we use satellite data for various every-day purposes, for example, meteorological satellites for weather forecasts, broadcasting satellites for an extensive selection of TV channels, and positioning satellites for our car navigation system. To guarantee the stable use of the space, where satellites operate, it is imperative for us to aware and manage the orbits of space objects such as space debris.
We call these activities Space Situational Awareness or SSA.