JAXA -宇宙航空研究開発機構-

Consolidated Space Tracking and Data Acquisition Department

Business Overview

R&D: Orbital Analysis

  • The precise position data of satellites are widely used in our daily lives such as in car navigation systems and in developing maps based on satellite images. To satisfy a higher level of demands, more precise position data of satellites are required.
  • To satisfy such demands, R&D activities on orbital analysis technique to determine satellite orbits in a precise manner are carried out by reinforcing the conventional satellite tracking data (range data and azimuth angle data) obtained by the means of radio wave with range data obtained by the means of laser beam and with GPS (Global Positioning System) signals.
  • Further refinement of orbit determinations is also addressed through precise analyses of various gravitational forces from celestial bodies that affects a spacecraft including those from the earth and the sun and of characteristics of obtained observation data.