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R&D: Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking

[Demonstration of Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) Technique]

  • Space communications including space-to-earth and space-to-space communications need to cover long-distance. To communicate with earth orbiting satellites, it takes about several hundreds to several tens of thousands kilometers. If we take an example of an asteroid exploere like "HAYABUSA", it takes as far as several tens of thousands for signals to travel.
  • These types of communication therefore include problems of delayed arrival of data (communication delay) and/or discontinued communication due to disruption of radio waves (communication disruption).
  • DTN technique would allow for a communication network that is tolerant to communication delay and/or disruption through development of a new data handling method (communication protocols) to be used for space-to-earth and space-to-space communications.
  • STCC is committed to research and demonstration activities of this DTN technique in cooperation with other space agencies (e.g. NASA). DTN would enable seemless utilization of data recieved form various types of spacecraft as if in the current Internet environment that we relay on today.